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Comprehensive Interventional Pain Management Center

This website is about Neurological Services of a multidisciplinary group of physicians with patient-centered philosophy practicing in the fields of Family Medicine, Neurology, Stroke, Headache and Pain Management. In spite of increasing "commercialization" of modern health care our goal is to re-invent and preserve the kind of patient-physician relationship that helps our patients to have a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. Imagine that doctors of different specialties involved in your care have no barriers in communication.

Nerve conduction velocity study (NCV) measures basic parameters of the nerve function – strength and speed of how an electrical signal (action potential) spreads through the nerve. This data complements electromyography (EMG) in making the diagnosis.

Dr. Eugene D. Kaplan is a diplomat of the Board of American Academy of Psychiatry and Neurology, American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians, Board of Headache Medicine, Board of Vascular Neurology and a Fellow of Interventional Pain Physicians. As pain is a function of...

Diagnosis of neuromuscular disease relies on finding of a specific defect in the function of the nerve and/or muscle. Electromyography (EMG) allows direct evaluation of the muscle function and complements nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test findings.

Welcome to our practice! We are glad that you chose to visit us and will do our best to be of assistance. We try to be very flexible with accommodating requests regarding your appointment date and time. The majority of local and national medical insurances are accepted. There...