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Follow up Appointment

Follow up Appointment

Your follow up appointment is very important because it gives you an opportunity to describe changes in your condition, while your doctor gets a chance to evaluate your present state and the two of you can discuss future plans in keeping you healthy.


  • Think about changes in your condition since your last visit and write down the key points that need to be addressed.

  • Do not forget to bring with you the results of the tests and appointments with other doctors as this valuable information often does not come to our office before your appointment due to circumstances not under our control.

  • If we had asked you to keep a diary for your condition, please, do so regularly. Evaluation of this data may be the main reason for your follow up appointment because it is crucial in making recommendations to improve your health.

  • We may ask you to expose the body part you are having  problems with. Please, consider wearing clothes appropriate for that. Feel free to ask for any kind of accommodations that will make you comfortable under such circumstances or even to decline undressing or any part of the exam. You are the owner of your body and it is ultimately your decision whether to undergo any exam. At the same time, remember that a clinical exam helps the clinician  to learn more about your condition. Such information may be vital in making a correct diagnosis and recommendations. Skin, prostate, rectum, cervix and breast tumors are just a few conditions which can be missed because of an incomplete exam.

  • We can not overemphasize the importance of bringing a spouse, family member or significant other to your appointment. It is very easy to become distracted or overwhelmed with details while discussing important health issues with your clinician. Your companion is usually in a better position to remember details of the appointment and help you follow recommendations. Having such a companion is obligatory for minors, patients having problems with memory or cognition and having trouble communicating due to language or health problems.

Please, prepare for your follow up appointment ahead of time.